alison — The Family 
Abi Townsend — A Green and Pleasant Land? Rural Life in Art • Re-thinking the Rural
Amelia Crouch — Practising Place
Andy Abbott —  Clocking
Anna Raczynski — Beautiful and Brutal 
Becky Shaw — Local Colour
Blast Theory — Can You See Me Now?
Bonnie Craig — University MasterplanTesting Ground 
Catriona Stamp — Place Beyond Place
Chantal Oakes — Clocking • Talking on Corners
Chester Tenneson — Outward journeys must not be in the past Time Travel
Claire Tindale — Testing Ground
Craig Atkinson — Revisiting Utopia
David Boultbee — University Masterplan
David Henckel — Guild Projects 2012
David Jacques — Practicing Place
Emily Speed — The Expanded CityPracticing Place
Field Broadcast — Clocking
Gavin Renshaw — The Expanded City
Halima Cassell - University Masterplan
Hannah Elizabeth Allan — Guild Projects 2012
Iain Broadley — Guild Projects 2012
Ian Clegg — University Masterplan
Ian Nesbitt — Practicing PlaceThe Expanded City
Jade de Montserrat — Feed
Jared Szpakowski — Clocking
Jason Bruges Studio - University Masterplan
Jen Southern — HomingOpen City
Jeni McConnell — Guild Projects 2012
Jenny Steele — Practicing Place  • Testing GroundThe MET • Preston Remembers
Jeppe Hein — Appearing Rooms
Joanne Lee — Practising Place • A Green and Pleasant Land? Rural Life in Art 
John Bridge — Market Stalls
John Newling — The Preston Market Mystery Project 
Jonny Randall and Tom Diffenthal - University Masterplan
Julia Heslop — The Expanded City
Katja van Driel — Open to the Public • Open City
Keith Harrison — Beautiful and Brutal 
Krissi Musiol — Feed
Lauren Velvick — The Expanded City
Laurence Payot — The Expanded City
Leo Fitzmaurice — In the Shops Now!
Lisa Wigham — Guild Projects 2012
LOW PROFILE — Beautiful and Brutal 
Lubaina Himid — Talking on Corners
Magda Stawarska — Practising Place Talking on Corners Feed
Manual Labours — The Complaining Body
Martin Hamblen — In the Shops Now! • Guild Projects 2012
Nicola Singh — Feed
Olivia Keith — The Expanded City
Patricia Walsh — Talking on Corners • Harris Flights
People’s Architecture Office — The People's Canopy
Rebecca Chesney — Practising Place • A Green and Pleasant Land? Rural Life in Art • Particulate Matters
research design — The METHarris FlightsThe Preston Bench
Ruth Levene — Practising Place • The Expanded City
Sally Sutherland — Feed
Sam Thulin — Homing
Shezad Dawood — Piercing Brightness
Stephanie Fletcher — ClockingTwentyfourzero • Time Travel
Susan Walsh — Talking on Corners
Teresa Hodgson-Holt — In the Shops Now
Textbook Studio — Feed
The Decorators  — The Expanded City
Tracy Hill — Re-thinking the Rural
Victoria Lucas — Practising Place
William Titley — Practising Place
Wouter Osterholt — Open to the Public

In Certain Places

VB005A, Victoria Building
University of Central Lancashire
Preston, PR1 2HE