The Expanded City


The Expanded City is a three-stage project, which investigates the changing nature of cities. During the last decade, urban development was largely concerned with transforming post-industrial city centres into retail and residential developments. However, projects such as Preston’s City Deal scheme – part of a national initiative to encourage economic growth in key cities across England – increasingly involve building cities from the outside in.

Following an invitation by Preston City Council, we have been working with a group of artists, writers and designers to critique and contribute to the scheme, which includes the creation of over 17,000 houses as well as new roads and amenities on Preston’s rural fringes. Through a focus on the practical and political aspects of issues such as housing, play and leisure provision, transport infrastructure, emotional connections to the land, and environmental stewardship, the artists have developed projects which raise questions about and offer suggestions for the future of Preston and other expanding cities.

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