The Expanded City

The Connected City


For 10 years In Certain Places has focused on and shaped developments within the city centre of Preston. The Expanded City extends the methods and approaches refined over the last decade to new contexts and locations; the city’s edges. The Expanded City is a three-year programme of artistic research, interventions and events, designed to inform a series of planned infrastructure projects on the outskirts of Preston. Part of Preston’s ‘City Deal’ – a central government initiative which aims to encourage economic growth by addressing strategic infrastructure challenges – the scheme includes the creation of over 17,000 houses as well as new roads and amenities.

Following an invitation by Preston City Council to contribute to their plans, In Certain Places has been working with a group of artists to explore the existing characteristics of the development areas, raise questions and offer suggestions for the future of these places, and generate debate about wider issues of urban planning and policy. During 2015 – 2018, Gavin Renshaw has examined the city’s cycling infrastructure; Emily Speed has tested alternative approaches to play and leisure provision; multidisciplinary design collective, The Decorators, have mapped the changing use of buildings along one of the city’s arterial roads; Olivia Keith has preserved and shared memories of rural development sites; Lauren Velvick has explored the politics of housing; and Ian Nesbitt and Ruth Levene have considered strategies for understanding and acting within a precarious and changing landscape.

An Expanded City Symposium in June 2016 brought together the artists, economist Paul Swinney, and multidisciplinary design collective The Decorators for presentations, discussion and site visits to the City Deal areas. In 2017 Lie of the Land, provided an update on the project, through a focus on our relationship with the land.

Read about the early stages of the project in The Expanded City 2015–2016, and further updates on the blog.