Creative Infrastructure Labs

Julia Heslop, Emily Speed, Gavin Renshaw

Location: North Preston (City Deal areas)
Year: 2020-Ongoing

Following an invitation by Preston City Council, In Certain Places – a creative research project at the University of Central Lancashire – has been working with a group of artists, writers and designers to critique and contribute to the scheme. The development includes the construction of over 17,000 houses on Preston’s rural fringes. Yet, whilst this has been supported by the building of new roads, the creation of social infrastructure has, so far, been lacking. With this in mind, the Creative Infrastructure Labs will explore the potential for the community-led development of social centres, play spaces, and cycling and walking routes. Through a series of online and on-the-ground activities, the labs will bring local residents together with urban decision-makers and creative professionals to study examples of successful projects from other places, nationally and internationally, and identify opportunities for creative infrastructure projects within the City Deal areas of Preston.

Partners: City Deal, Preston City Council
Funders: Arts Council of England, Preston City Council, City Deal

In Certain Places

VB005A, Victoria Building
University of Central Lancashire
Preston, PR1 2HE