Decorative Frieze and Bookends to Planter Seats

Halima Cassell MBE

Location: UCLan Campus
Year: 2021

Halima Cassell MBE is an internationally exhibiting artist and sculptor, and an Alumni of UCLan where she studied ceramics at BA and Masters Level graduating in 2002. She was recently awarded the MBE.

Halima Cassell’s work is described as having strong geometric elements and recurrent patterns that are often inspired by the repetitive motifs found in Islamic architecture and North African surface design. She has an exceptional ability to project complex patterns onto 3D objects. Her work is diverse in inspiration and form, but her personal style is instantly recognisable due to her bold, energetic design, crisp carving and intuitive understanding of how integrate patter,n form, material and scale

The Artist worked closely with the landscape architects and project team to create sculptural reliefs as part of the granite planters in the main square. All these artworsk were machined out of granite by Hardscape to Halima’s designs.

Decorative Frieze

The retaining wall that faces Fylde Road entrance to St Peters Gardens forms a prominent land mark on that road and an important entrance to the university from the west. The granite faced wall, just over a meter high, has entrances to the university either side of it. The design announces the entrance to the university and leads people into the square.

“My wall frieze focuses on arrows that catch the eye of passers-by and creates a weaving effect through the individual modules. Through this piece of work, I wanted to remember Lancashire’s weaving heritage and reflect on University forming a key element of the tapestry of life.” -Halima Cassell MBE

Decorative Bookends to Planter Seats

Halima’s designs are integrated into the structure of the benches that run along the west and south edges of the square. These sculptural forms visually punctate the space providing signposts to four entrances to the main square where the planter seats meet the walkways.

“In the designing of the book ends for the seats, the play with the natural and artificial light was important to me. I designed them to symphonize with the casted shadows to create a dramatic and ever-changing effect throughout the day and night.” – Halima Cassell MBE

Partners: UCLan Masterplan 2020, Bowmer + Kirkland, Plincke, Atoll, Hardscape.

In Certain Places

VB005A, Victoria Building
University of Central Lancashire
Preston, PR1 2HE