Unpublished Tour

Artist Irene Rogan's Arts Council England-funded 'Unpublished Tour' built on several earlier ACE-funded projects, and the strong community links she has developed in West Cumbria, and in the town of Millom and its surroundings, more particularly, where the former industrial landscape is undergoing a restorative process as it is reclaimed by the natural environment.

Over a period of three months, from land and water, ten artists explored the hidden and inaccessible edges along the Duddon Estuary as sites for a shared creative journey. The results of their work can be seen at the Unpublished Tour website.

John Scanlan worked with Irene to produce two events that showcased the artists featured in Unpublished Tour. The first, held in Millom in late 2021 and the second, held in Liverpool in Autumn 2022. His involvement was part of his broader research with In Certain Places, which aims to develop knowledge exchange opportunities through partnership working with arts and cultural projects that have a West Cumbrian focus.

Researcher: John Scanlan
Location: Millom, Cumbria & Liverpool
Year: 2021-2022
Partners:  Irene Rogan (Artist)
Funders: Westlakes Research Ltd

In Certain Places

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