The MET at University Square

September 2022

Location: University Square UCLan

A photograph of the MET being installed at University Square. 4 20 foot high cube shipping containers are arranged in a circle surrounded by a scaffolding frame.
The MET installed on University Square
The MET containers being loaded onto the University Square by crane

The MET arrived on the University Square in September having travelled from the City Centre in its four shipping containers. Specialist machinery is not required to build this design and no ground anchors are needed, making it ideal for urban environments, car parks, or school playgrounds. Finally, all the components are packed down into the containers and moved to the next site. This was the first time the MET had been packed down and moved. While at the university site it became a venue for Welcome Week at the university and for Lancashire Encounter.

Partners & funders: Preston City Council, University of Central Lancashire.

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