The Family

The Family was a creative evaluation of In Certain Places’ work, which was developed by artist Chris Davis through the alison (artists living in situation of need) project, working alongside the Moores Family on the Brookfield estate in the North of Preston. In 2007, Chris installed a computer in the Moores’ family home, to enable them to talk, via a video-chat facility, with the artists, curators and other participants in the In Certain Places project.

The Moores were able to witness and have a direct input into a range of temporary public artworks that took place in Preston city centre during the time frame of the project. This opportunity enabled the family, who live on the periphery of Preston, to become involved in the commissioning process. Through discussions with the curatorial team, they were able to raise issues about their needs and how they perceive the In Certain Places project to affect their cultural, social and physical world in relation to the planned redevelopment of Preston’s public realm.

This dialogue formed a cultural exchange, which broadened understandings of the issues that both parties have to address on a daily basis in the city. The conversations were recorded and edited to produce a film, which was projected onto a shop window in the Guild Hall shopping arcade during a week in February 2008.


Artist: Chris Davis (alison)
Location: Online, University of Central Lancashire, Brookfield Estate (Preston)
Year: 2007
Partners:  Psychosocial Research Unit (UCLan)
Funders: HEFCE

In Certain Places

VB005A, Victoria Building
University of Central Lancashire
Preston, PR1 2HE