Duty Of Care: Why Support Parent Artists?

“Structural inequalities exert pressure upon individuals.” New writing by Elaine Speight on a necessary and urgent rethink in considering the needs of cultural workers with children… Read the article 'Duty Of Care: Why Support Parent Artists?' at The Double Negative. Image: An edition of 100 gift boxes distributed as part of Walking Together/Walking Apart, Claire [...]


‘West Cumbria and the A66’ by John Scanlan

This element of the project departs from an examination of the cultural landscapes of Cumbria, looking in particular at the way the two Cumbrias (of the Lake District and the coastal west) have been formed as distinctive places through literary, environmental, economic and other influences over the last three hundred years. This work has focused [...]


“Fragile Possibilities”: The Role of the Artist’s Book in Public Art

“Fragile Possibilities”: The Role of the Artist’s Book in Public Art  Elaine Speight and Charles Quick for Special Issue "Artists’ Books: Concept, Place, and a Quiet Revolution"  edited by Dr Chris Taylor


Treading Lightly

Steph Shipley, a second year MA Fine Art student at UCLan discusses her current project. Steph is studying on the Projects for Places pathway, which is taught by In Certain Places curators Prof. Charles Quick and Elaine Speight. Ruhwinton of the Middle Ages, now Rivington and its Terraced Gardens just below Rivington Pike on the outskirts of [...]


The Expanded City Network: What do we need in a space for play?

March 2018 Writer and artist Lauren Velvick on the informal discussion around spaces for play between Emily Speed and architect Lee Ivett, in the recently Grade II listed ‘bubble’ classroom at Kennington Primary School. At the start of Emily Speed’s ‘What do we need in a space for play?’ event she outlined why play in particular had [...]


The Expanded City Network: ‘Precarious Landscape’ bus tour

Stephanie Cottle introduces Precarious Landscape, an excursion with artists Ian Nesbitt and Ruth Levene to the western bounds of Preston on 8th December 2017. Participant and writer Lauren Velvick reflects on the experience. Continuing their exploration of Preston’s boundaries, Precarious Landscape saw Ian and Ruth invite an audience on an immersive journey, visiting four sites the artists [...]


Communal living: adapted social contracts and a new type of household

July 2017 Lauren Velvick discusses her research for The Expanded City. Ever since the Expanded City Symposium, I’ve been thinking about demographics with regards to housing. It seemed to me that the way people were grouped assumed that all adults are coupled, or would be eventually, and that housing was being constructed with couples and small families [...]


The Expanded City Network: Routes In, Routes Out

Writer and artist Lauren Velvick reflects on the second Expanded City Network event, Routes In, Routes Out, held at Avenham Park Pavilion in Preston on 27 July 2017. Gavin Renshaw’s Expanded City research and output continues to oscillate between instrumentalised cycling advocacy and an artistic investigation of landscape that takes into account socio-political and cultural influences. In [...]


The Expanded City Network: Traces of Place

The first Expanded City Network event, Traces of Place, was held at the Final Whistle café in Preston on 4 July 2017, and considered the question ‘What makes us feel at home?’. Writer and artist Lauren Velvick looks at the event in the wider context of The Expanded City project. As I’ve noted previously in these posts, [...]

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