Tracy Hill

Sensorium, was a site specific drawing installation which investigated and reconsidered the relationship between digital technology and the aesthetic of the hand created mark. Our daily negotiation of data and reference points often brings with it a sense of dislocation and fragmentation altering our understanding and interaction with rural space.

Working directly in the gallery space, on the walls and floors the installation draws on combinations of the viewers senses, personal experiences and memory in order to make connections with and navigate the visual clues presented in the space. Sitting below our normal line of vision and fragmented over different surfaces the drawings required a visual and physical attention in order to navigate and make sense of the space.

The visual imagery was informed by digital data collected through an infra-red scanner whilst walking. This digital data offered an analysis of the physical experience, the hand drawn mark allowed a connection to the aesthetic. By drawing on memory and touch the surface of the wall recorded the aesthetic experience where our digital and physical experiences overlap.

Sensorium was a temporary installation, a brief encounter with an imagining of place.

The charcoal drawing, not fixed, slowly moved across the surface of the space always transcient and under certain conditions could disappear. It was not a fixed view, it was an offering to explore and reconnect with the many liminal spaces sitting quietly on the edges of our towns and cities.

Opportunities for adventure are offered, however we are also reminded that in order to achieve true understanding of place, we must understand the interconnections of human relationships to places. One must acknowledge the complexity of places and personal responses to experiences encountered.

Years of study 2013 – 2015

Image credits:
Sensorium by by Tracy Hill.

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