Steph Shipley

Steph Shipley’s concerns lie with those public and private spaces where a state of transition or separation exists and where there is a certain temporal or spatial indeterminacy. Her practice has evolved in response to encounters with such sites that exist within our everyday culture, familiar but often set aside, simultaneously reflecting and disturbing the spaces that surround them.

The context and bearings of a specific locus are investigated through multiple readings, and findings often emerge as space for the imagined. Ideas are mediated through mapping strategies, theoretical discourse, experimental practice methods and cross-disciplinary approaches, including photography and film-making, projection, printmaking and installation. In the series ‘The Land Behind’, the pastoral setting evident and enhanced by the familiar Polaroid palette belies the military purpose of the barely concealed buildings. Traces of analogue origin are retained through the intaglio printmaking process and large-scale composite projections, evocative of the sites of heterotopia that were their source and the personal experience of encountering them.

Years of study 2016 – 2018

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Image credits:
The Land Behind, projection, Steph Shipley.
The Land Behind, exhibition view, Steph Shipley.

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