Shonagh Short

Shonagh Short is a curator and producer working predominantly in a socially engaged context. She is a member of the internationally unique Housing Percent for Art team in Bolton, an Associate at Mid Pennine Arts and creative lead for the Limehurst Arts Society in Oldham.

Her practice investigates the role of project manager as artist/curator, combining writing and performance to create narrative frameworks which can be collaboratively filled. She uses social acts and encounters to explore language and the metaphors we live by, identity and belonging, and sense of place.

Her MA research, inspired by Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Manifesto for Maintenance Art, focused on cleaning and dirt and the relationship to class, status and gender.

Years of study 2016 – 2018

Image credits:
Bowland Explorers, Shonagh Short, 2015.
Down and Dirty Dinner Party, Shonagh Short, 2017.

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