Mark Aston

Into the elsewhere

We have evolved to walk and think over many millennia. Our very busy, modern lives bring a necessity to escape our surroundings sometimes. To be able to think clearly and laterally, we find some solace through walking, finding our own paths, ones not governed by the many social constraints which surround us. By escaping and thinking we find and explore new spaces, which become, through experience, our own places.

A sense of place is subjective to each of us, with every life lived having its own unique experience. Every town and city has its parks and recreational areas but these can be restrictive to some wanting a need to escape and think.

The research question formulated for this MA project carried the open-ended title “How does experience alter our perception of a site”, to try to grasp the experience of a place through the lives of others. As an artist there was a need to understand this and bring about some tangible answers.

The site chosen for this was originally a childhood play area, a place already experienced through play.¬†As children we learn, play and grow; we escape our surroundings by using imagination and daydreams. But do we lose this ability somewhat by conditioning and education? By engaging with site users in an investigative manner, an interpretive result was brought about to exhibit the findings ultimately titled “Into the elsewhere” by using materials from the site combined with the data collected over 2 years. This engagement over a period of time brought about an understanding of the need by some to find places off the beaten track; breathing places and spaces.

Years of of study 2016 – 2018


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