Hannah Elizabeth Allan

Throughout the MA, Hannah explored how she might use archives and documentation as both the subject and medium of her practice.

She was particularly interested in how narratives might be created within displays of archival materials, through the juxtaposition of elements. As the research progressed she increasingly focused on how fiction might be entered into these narratives, testing how she might create ‘false’ documents and histories.

The final project consisted of a body of work titled, The Archive of John Francis Shade. This imagined narrative revolved around the final, unmade film of a forgotten British director. An exhibition of photographic prints and texts (positioned as film stills and script excerpts respectively) was accompanied by a publication. This book sustained the narrative of the work as genuine archive, claiming to feature further unseen documents such as photos with notes and location scouting photos, alongside an essay by a supposed film historians.

The publication can be read at www.blurb.co.uk/books/1513114-the-archive-of-john-francis-shade-1958-1961

Years of study 2008 – 2010


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