Georgianna Ainsworth

Georgianna C. Ainsworth is a Mexican-British, multi-disciplinary artist whose recent work involves live art collaboration projects. Her work focuses on sociological and cultural issues. She is interested in the way different artists from different cultures respond to issues such as violence and cultural identity. By working with like minded artists she aims to give victims of violence a name and a face by taking focus away from the perpetrator, highlighting the human loss and pain of those who are victims of violent crime.

Her work, Presence of an Absence, is a symbolic protest in reaction to violence around the world in which she explored the idea of installation as a live art event. Working with other installation artists she created a large live art piece in which the audience becomes part of the work. The work was created collaboratively with In-situ,The Birley, Brian Maguire, Mark McLoughlin, Elina Chauvet and Rocio Sifuentes.

Georgianna is strongly influenced by the revolutionary political art of Mexico.

Years of study 2013 – 2015

Image credits:
Georgianna C. Ainsworth.

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