Abi Townsend

Abi Townsend’s artistic practice is formed out of responding to her cultural and creative landscape. The shaping and forming of a place and the means by which the reflected cultural values can be represented are her central concerns. Often adopting a socially engaged approach, she sees the relationships connected with making art as part of the rich interaction that forms, expresses and challenges the relevance of her projects. Working in a variety media from film, sound, photography to cultural crafts and painting depends upon the best suited response to the project. Projects such as Ruskin’s View, a sound and film piece, exposed this iconic and beautiful viewing point to closer scrutiny in order to engage the audience in a new view of what they thought they knew.

Townsend’s MA research built upon her 2012 Mapping the Makers project as she socially mapped a small piece of neighbourhood centred upon UCLan’s Hanover building. This space of diverse inter-relations was uncovered through representation of a series of encounters and conversations, historical archive and mapping research, planning and design development in order to locate the viewer within wider and imaginative perspectives of place identity and investment.

Years of study 2014 – 2016


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