‘Wetlands: Liminal Spaces. The Mersey and the Hunter.’ Tracy Hill in conversation.


Tracy Hill in conversation with In Certain Places curator Professor Charles Quick, about her work with different wetland sites; along the Mersey River in the UK and the Hunter River in Australia. Hill’s process of collecting data using digital mapping technology and presenting this as installations and hand-drawn imagery revealed interesting similarities between the two sites, allowing the viewer to experience these places in a unique way.

In particular, the conversation explores Hill’s use of digital mapping technology within printmaking and the role of her work in the place where our digital and physical worlds overlap. It also considers the importance of the liminal spaces she chooses to work with, which sit on the edge of urban conurbations, linking and connecting communities, marking borders and defining modern transport links.

Tracy Hill is a Research Associate of Artlab Contemporary Print Studios, UCLan and visual artist whose practice investigates and reconsiders the relationship between digital technology and the aesthetic of the hand created mark in response to a sense of place.

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