‘Working the Site: Art, Collaboration & Process’ by Cathy Newbery & Nayan Kulkarni

Cathy Newbery: Public Art Consultant & Curator and former Director of Ixia

Ixia (previously Public Art Forum), is the national agency for the promotion of public art practice which believes that: ‘artists working in the public realm make an extraordinary contribution to our experience of public life, and that artists are communicators, facilitators, problem solvers, inventors and researchers’. Ixia believes artists should take creative risks, have a willingness to experiment and often redefine questions and problems without recourse to set solutions.

Nayan Kulkarni: artist

At the heart of Nayan Kulkarni’s work is an engagement with ideas of site specificity, time, technology and perception. His interest manifests itself in work that is generated from specific concepts, processes or places. He works with diverse mediums utilising light, video, installation, sculpture and photography. The form and content of the work is his response to the site.

He has been interested in the role of art as a means to transform public spaces since 1993. Current public realm projects include: The Belgrave Baheno Peepul Centre (Andrzej Blonski Architects), Bristol Broadmead Development (Chapman Taylor Architects), and The Light Observation Group, Optima, Birmingham. His work has shown extensively in the UK – and abroad most recently in Pakistan. Alongside his studio practice he is, developing other curatorial and publication projects, working in collaborative design teams, and making other site-specific interventions.

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