‘Public Art as a Physical Gaming Environment’ by Taylor Nuttall & Maria Stukoff

Taylor Nuttall: Director of Folly

Folly was a non-profit media arts organisation, based in Lancaster, which promoted photographic, video and new media work. The name Folly was taken from Folly Farm, the home and base for Dr Philip Henman, a successful businessman, a keen photographer and a support of charitable projects.

Maria Stukoff: New Media Artist working in collaboration with MDDA

The title for Maria’s PhD is ‘Public Art as a Physical Gaming Environment’, and it looks in part at the development of the ‘Digital Corridor’ project along Oxford Rd. as her primary research focus. Manchester City Council’s Digital Development Agency sponsored her PhD, so there were likely to be some interesting links created between urban design, public access, gaming, interactivity and playing the city.

The research assisted the City Council’s MDDA to obtain strategies for their ‘Future City’ bringing new media technologies – specifically wireless technologies – into the public domain to experience the city as an interactive game. Through case studies and quantities research methods the outcomes aimed to provide MDDA with the body knowledge to whether interactive game play can be sustained to offer long-term infrastructures for artists, councils, urban planners and businesses alike to develop a creative digital corridor for new audiences and inner city social neighbourhoods.

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