‘Romantic Detachment in the North’ by Adam Sutherland & Bedwyr Williams

Adam Sunderland: Director of Grizedale Arts

Grizedale Arts is a commissioning and residency agency based in Grizedale Forest in the Lake District of Great Britain. The programme supports artists in making new works that relate to the context of the area. Much of the work made here engages with ideas of romanticism, the environment and the way the place is used both symbolically and in real terms, i.e. what does the countryside do for us and what do we expect from it? The programme engages with local communities and events, integrating artists’ thinking and communication into mainstream and traditional activities.

For many artists the experience of working here demands new ways of working, for both artists and viewer the gallery is left behind. This innovative way of producing and showing art is typified in Grizedale’s annual events, which have, to date, launched artists projects and integrated a large body of works into a cohesive whole. These projects (to date Grizedale Live and Grizedale Show) need to be experienced live, they are interactive and often present existing community activities alongside the work of the commissioned artists.

Bedwyr Williams: artist

Bedwyr Williams practice incorporates performance (including stand up comedy), video, photography, sound and writing. His work often provides humorous glances into the culture of everyday life in Wales, producing work with an ironic twist. His work has been previously exhibited at the National Eisteddfod and increasingly in the UK and mainland Europe. After studying in Holland he returned to Wales and was one of the founder members of the Rel Institwt, a performance and film-screening group that convenes in a variety of venues throughout North and West Wales, from back rooms of pubs to workmen’s halls.

In 2003 Williams took part in the Grizedale Roadshow in Blaenau, Wales, during which time he set up the ‘Blaenau Vista Social Club’ in the back of a caravan. In November 2003, Williams developed a new work, Schadenfreude, for the group show Apropos of Nothing, (g39, Cardiff), a wry comment on the established parameters of Welsh-ness and success.

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