‘Revisiting Utopia’ Symposium


Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture and the Post-Regenerate City was a one-day symposium, which examined the role of architecture in an age of austerity. Employing Preston’s iconic bus station as a case study, the event explored the modernist principles that informed the construction of the building during the late 1960s and discussed the architectural impact of recent urban regeneration schemes, such as the planned re-development of Preston city centre that threatened to demolish the bus station. Examining issues of environmental sustainability and the significance of local knowledge, the event asked to what extent the utopian ideals of Modernism, and the buildings they inspired, might still be relevant within today’s urban landscape.

The event was accompanied by an exhibition of artworks by 22 artists, inspired by the bus station, curated by Steph Fletcher and Benedict Rutherford and hosted in the city’s former post office.

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