‘From the Docklands’ by Loraine Leeson

As part of the Place Beyond Place symposium, artist Loraine Leeson presented her work of the eighties with the Docklands Community Poster Project which, over ten years, became the cultural arm of an East London campaigning community. She considered some of the lessons learned during this period which have continued to inform the sense of place in her art practice to this day. Amongst these are the development and representation of alternative strategies as a political tool and the benefits of collaboration across discipline, class and locality which underpinned the work of that time.

Loraine Leeson is a visual artist, visiting research fellow at the University of East London and founding director of cSPACE, an arts organisation supporting local communities in the expression of collective vision and aspiration. Since the early eighties her work through the Docklands Community Poster Project and The Art of Change involved engagement around a variety of issues, particularly regeneration of the urban environment. Loraine’s practice has regularly interfaced with education and since the mid-nineties imaginative use of digital media and the internet have informed her work with young people.

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