‘Clocking’ by Field Broadcast


Clocking was a series of live broadcasts, developed in collaboration with Field Broadcast, which examined the emotional, physical and social effects of wage labour, through performance, animation and music.

Devised by artist Steph Fletcher as a type of ‘moving zine’, Clocking addressed some of the conditions and consequences of current working practices, including zero hour contracts, ‘flexible working’, inertia, alienation, and the separation of place, time, body and mind. Featuring contributions by Andy Abbott, Jared Szpakowski, Chantal Oakes and Manual Labours (Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards), the broadcasts arrived unannounced, as live events, on the computer desktop of people across the world over a 24-hour period. Intervening within people’s working practices, Clocking wove a narrative about contemporary labour, explored utopian alternatives, and encouraged viewers to consider their own relationships with work.


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