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The Expanded City – Gavin Renshaw

As part of his research for The Expanded City, Gavin Renshaw drew on his interest in cycling and local knowledge to explore Preston’s formal and informal cycling infrastructure, as part of an ongoing artistic project. His activities have been presented in a number of formats, including a series of photographs and drawings of Preston, viewed from numerous points around its edges. Renshaw has described how this practice has been influenced by an interest in monumental architecture and town planning, as well as the use of forms of navigation that utilise landmarks rather than maps. In addition to visually recording his journeys, Renshaw also researched the aesthetics of newspapers associated with bicycle racing, such as the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, as well as the Clarion Cycling Club.

For the continuation of the project in 2017, Renshaw further explored current and future cycling infrastructure within the district. He developed his own routes, mapping information relevant to cyclists, such as storage, topography and traffic black spots, and taking into account considerations such as convenience, scenery, safety, speed and accessibility. He is interested in the perplexing and distracting nature of cities, which can make navigation bewildering, and how people decipher the urban landscape and its multitude of routes to determine the correct path. His research culminated in a cycling resource collating routes, information and existing infrastructure within a single, visual inventory.

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