William Titley

William Titley is an artist based in Pendle, East Lancashire, where he is a co-founder and director of In-Situ, a non-profit arts organisation with the aim of making art a part of everyday life, engaging with people, place and the environment. Working at the University of Central Lancashire, he is a Senior Lecturer and MA Course Leader in Fine Art. He has exhibited work across the UK, the USA, Pakistan, India, and Europe, including work in UK Museums Collections. William’s process is ethnographic in focus, with an emphasis on his role as participant observer. The artist explores the relationship between two aesthetic ideals: one developed around spectatorship and the other around participation. As a researcher using audio-visual media, William is a participant, an artist and a member of the local community, and by adopting artistic research methods, and by making work in the place where he lives, his research analyses social artistic processes from the perspective of the artist, adding to debates around what social arts practice is, and what its limits are in its original social context and within the gallery and documentary systems of dissemination.


Image credits:
Preston Bus Station, Preston – 2014 – Out of date Polaroid Grid Film, set of 20.
Recorded Soul, The All-Nighter at Victoria Baths, Manchester – May 2014 – A Northern Soul 12 hour dance event.

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