Patricia Walsh

Patricia Walsh is a multi media artist working with sound, video and photography to explore ideas of time, place and memory. She creates atmospheric and reflective works that often feature music, voice, found or fabricated sounds, text and composite imagery, all of which attempt to bridge the shifts of time. Her works often suggest the possibility of other dimensions, unseen presences and immeasurable distances and have a resonance too with unruly or fractured recollections and discordant perceptions.

Recently her work has been presented at the Sonic Art Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast; Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC, Canada, and Hilltown New Music Festival, Castle Pollard, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. She has also curated two Vox Novus 60×60 sound events that premiered in the UK, at the Electronic & Digital Art Unit (EDAU) and also at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston. An exhibition of photographs, Faith Hope and Charity Shops was shown at the Adelphi Gallery, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Image credits:
Faith, Hope and Charity Shops series, 2013, Adelphi Gallery, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
Lingering Spirit – a series of photographs made to form part of the Castle Park Stories programme, coordinated by Litfest.

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