Olivia Keith

Concerned by the loss of cultural diversity in the face of globalization, Olivia Keith strives to accentuate elements of intangible cultural heritage – traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants.

She is interested in that which is easily overlooked as ‘common and everyday’; the way people do things, the flavour of their words, the power of place names, the ever-shifting uses and significance of weeds. . .

The making of large scale reportage drawings of people engaged in activity is Keith’s preferred method for recording and initiating dialogue with a community.

Her tangible, often multi sensory, artworks (sculptures, installations, performance and reportage drawings) are reminders that this heritage is alive and functioning. . . . . and evolving.


Image credits:
Nether Bartlelino-cut map
Southdown sheeppastel drawing on map

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