Field Broadcast

Field Broadcast is a live broadcast project connecting artists, audiences and locations through the portal of the computer desktop. Field Broadcast has developed through the practice of, and is run by, artists Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith. Field Broadcast works with live digital broadcast as a medium, commissioning artists to make work specifically for this platform. Broadcasts arrive directly to the viewers’ desktop, tablets and phones, outside of a web browser via the custom built Field Broadcast app. Once installed, the app pings, and opens a viewing window each time a broadcast arrives. This method of transmission means that each broadcast arrives to the viewer as an unexpected interruption into their daily activities and surroundings, creating a live montage of digital and physical space. Since 2010 Field Broadcast has worked with emerging and established artists, including Ed Atkins, Adam Chodzko, Simon Faithfull, Candice Jacobs, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Neal White + the Office of Experiments and Erica Scourti. Field Broadcast collaborates with institutions and research organisations, including partnerships with LUX Artists Moving Image, In Certain Places, NearNow at Broadway Cinema, Camden Arts Centre, Bournemouth University, Portikus Frankfurt and Wysing Arts Centre. Field Broadcast is currently supported by Arts Council England.

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