Becky Shaw

Becky Shaw explores the relationship between the individual and society through live art works made in care, education and production contexts, amongst others. Works are made through careful response to a situation with no prior known outcome. Often the very conditions that lead to an artist being commissioned in the first place become part of the work. The works often focus on the value we place on art and other forms of making and production. These works are often large in scale and may take over a year to deliver. At the same time Shaw uses more immediate processes including writing and material experiments with her children, to capture minute encounters.

Shaw has worked with organisations including AIR at Central St Martins, New Art Gallery Walsall, The Sainsbury Centre, Grizedale Arts, ICIA University of Bath, Sculpture Space USA and Amstelveen Art Incentive Prize. Between 2000-2006, she co-directed Static, Liverpool an architecture and art organisation committed to dismantling expectations of visual culture. She teaches undergraduate creative art practice and is the Postgraduate Research Tutor, leading the PhD community in art and design, at Sheffield Hallam University. This role enables her to focus on the methods artist researchers use.


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