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'The Expanded City' project


Expanded City Perspectives: Artist Gavin Renshaw

September 2016 Artist Lauren Velvick discusses Gavin Renshaw's research for The Expanded City project. At first glance, Gavin Renshaw's contribution to The Expanded City is the one that seems to most directly, and pragmatically relate to the potential for new infrastructure. Renshaw has a longstanding interest in cross-country cycling, using this as a tool within his art [...]


The Expanded City Symposium, June 2016

June 2016 Artist Lauren Velvick reflects upon The Expanded City symposium. As a public introduction to The Expanded City project, a symposium held on June 16 2016 reflected the research concerns of In Certain Places and the commissioned artists through the structure of the event, as well as the content. As we have found through conducting site [...]


The Expanded City. Roman Way, Rough Hey, Red Scar: Ruins in Reverse

May 2016 Artist Lauren Velvick talks about her research for The Expanded City project. Maps of the outskirts of Preston, and many similar towns I’m sure, exhibit little in the way of landmarks to latch on to when planning a site visit. Main roads criss cross areas designated for new construction, and lacking a reason that has [...]


The Expanded City: Initial Artists’ Meeting

March 2016 Lauren Velvick introduces The Expanded City project. How to encompass a city, and which boundary line, image, or description is the truest? These have emerged as pertinent questions during an initial meeting between the four artists who have been commissioned for The Expanded City. Over the coming months Gavin Renshaw, Olivia Keith, and Ian Nesbitt [...]

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