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Critical Writing


Duty Of Care: Why Support Parent Artists?

“Structural inequalities exert pressure upon individuals.” New writing by Elaine Speight on a necessary and urgent rethink in considering the needs of cultural workers with children… Read the article 'Duty Of Care: Why Support Parent Artists?' at The Double Negative. Image: An edition of 100 gift boxes distributed as part of Walking Together/Walking Apart, Claire [...]


‘West Cumbria and the A66’ by John Scanlan

This element of the project departs from an examination of the cultural landscapes of Cumbria, looking in particular at the way the two Cumbrias (of the Lake District and the coastal west) have been formed as distinctive places through literary, environmental, economic and other influences over the last three hundred years. This work has focused [...]


Practising Place: Creative and Critical Reflections on Place

The Practising Place book explores our relationship with place through a collection of co-authored texts, visual essays, creative projects and conversations between the artists and academics involved in the initial conversations programme. Featuring new [...]

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