Amanda Robertshaw

Revenant, reflects a journey lost, scrubbed away and denied, recreated and remade. A broken patchwork and fragmented documentary becomes an experience of individual and collective memory. The audience become the passengers on a ghost ride. A spectre of the past given new life. The familiar sounds of slam doors and the station masters whistle call to a waiting audience. Standing on the raised platform positioned between large scale projections, the audience board the train. An immersive environment, facing screens simultaneously depict the recreated experience of a phantom journey, following the route taken the by West Lancashire Railway. As we collectively share an experience that speaks of both geography and history, empty space illustrates the impossibility of accessing a complete narrative. The fluid boundary between recollection and reality that underlines loss of memory and gaps in history, allowing the audience to place themselves within the story, utilising their own memories and experiences as a frame of reference. Whether through recollection or as a first time encounter, as we travel, the journey is remade and uniquely experienced with each new audience. We meet, we take a moment to share our stories and then move forward towards our own destinations, becoming part of the generated myth.

Years of study 2012 – 2014

Image credits:
Revenant, installation view.


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