Time Travel

Authors: Cherry Tenneson, Steph Fletcher and In Certain Places
Publisher: In Certain Places (2017)
ISBN: 978-0-9930498-1-1
Three A6 zines
Edition of 75 copies

Published as limited-edition zines, Time Travel features the work of artists Cherry Tenneson and Steph Fletcher, whose projects ‘twentyfourzero‘ and ‘Outward journeys must not be in the past‘ consisted of a series of urban interventions and events in Preston City Centre , informed by eighteen months of research. The projects explore the tensions between individual agency and authority, and question the continued potential for collective forms of action in today’s neoliberal city.

Alongside documentation of the projects, the zines also include new work by the artists and features contributions by Ivor Southwood, Eddy Rhead and Elaine Speight.

PRICE £5.00