Subplots to a City publication

Author: Charles Quick, Elaine Speight, Gerrie van Noord (editors)
Publisher: In Certain Places (2014)
ISBN: 978-0993049804
220 pages

Subplots to a City: Ten Years of In Certain Places book explores how In Certain Places has developed new approaches to art, culture and urban development since its inception in 2003. Alongside images, project outlines and reflections from artists, audience members and collaborators, the book includes texts by specialists from various fields, including Owen Hatherley, Lubaina Himid, Sophie Hope, Paul O’Neill, Jonathan Vickery, Becky Shaw and John Newling as well as Charles Quick and Elaine Speight. As a case study this book provides a useful resource for those interested in place-based art, while also contributing to the critical discourse surrounding such practices.


Foreword by John Newling p.5
Subplots, Tactics and Stories-so-Far by Elaine Speight p.9
Histories of Regeneration by Charles Quick p.16
Background p.25
Amplifying Civic Space (selected projects) p.33
Art, Urban Publics and the City by Jonathan Vickery p.61
The City and the Changing Economy (selected projects) p.69
You Need to Understand What the Priorities Are: A Conversation Between Lubaina Himid, Charles Quick and Elaine Speight p.101
Senses of a City (selected projects) p.113
Bringing Preston to the World by Sophie Hope p.137
Local Art for Local People by Becky Shaw p.145
Place beyond Place (selected projects) p.149
Nothing to Do with Us by Owen Hatherley p.189
The Curatorial Constellation: Durational Public Art, Cohabitational Time and Attentiveness by Paul O’Neill p.195
Maps p.205
Collaborations Constellations p.210
Timeline p.212

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