The Preston Market Mystery Project Publication

Preston Market Mystery Project publication.

Preston Market Mystery Project publication.

Author: John Newling
Publisher: Harris Museum & Art Gallery (2008)
ISBN: 9781871575279

The Preston Market Mystery Project publication documents the project of the same name, which was commissioned by In Certain Places in 2006. This beautiful hardback book includes photographs of the project, transcriptions of 280 mysteries collected during the project, and diagrams of their statistical analysis. The publication also features a text by Bob Dickinson, a foreword by Elaine Speight and a DVD of film footage from the project.

The Preston Market Mystery Project was developed through a series of site visits to the city during which Newling became intrigued with Preston’s historic covered markets. The artist grew interested in the activity of transaction and exchange, which defines the markets; both the transaction of goods and the social exchange between the people who work and shop in the space. The project was developed to celebrate this exchange and to raise questions about the importance of the ‘unknown’ within a city, how mystery contributes to a sense of place and what this means in the context of regeneration. The Preston Market Mystery Project consisted of three separate but interrelated events: The Insurance Stall, Voicing Mysteries and The Knowledge Meal. Click here for a full description of the project.

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