The Expanded City – Olivia Keith

During The Expanded City project in 2016, Olivia Keith explored the histories and current identities of places and communities within the City Deal areas and wider city. This involved engaging people in conversation about their places through the making of large scale reportage drawings, which combined heritage and current information to explore the traces of tradition and historical context that are able to ‘make it through’ new developments.

For the continuation of the project in 2017, Keith mapped, preserved and shared memories of north-west Preston, an area that is undergoing rapid change. She  explored the powerful role maps can play in perpetuating elements of a place and how memories can be preserved and passed on in a tangible way, such as place names, stories, poems, songs and drawings. For her project Traces of Place, Keith was based at the Final Whistle Cafe between 26 June and 10 July 2017, collating memories from residents. She collated these contributions and asking people to add their memories to an online community map of the area, as well as creating her own maps based on what she discovered while working in the area.

Click here to watch a video of Keith’s Connected City Network event, Traces of Place

Click here to watch Keith talk about her ideas and processes as part of The Expanded City symposium in June 2016.

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