The Expanded City – Ian Nesbitt & Ruth Levene

In 2016 artists Ian Nesbitt and Ruth Levene examined the topography and cultural landscape of Preston by walking and recording the city’s political boundary for their research stage of The Expanded City project. Their observations and experiences, including the neglect and destruction of certain public rights of way and the transient nature of landscape due to development, farming and fracking in the area, formed the content for a performance lecture, which was presented during The Expanded City symposium in June 2016.

For the continuation of their project in 2017, Nesbitt and Levene drew on this research and questioned what it means for a city to be developed and expanded. They asked what it means to the people of a city when the decisions made about its changes are beyond their control. Considering ‘spiritual’ and ‘ritual’, as well as ‘bureaucratic’ and ‘metric’ as ways of connecting with and understanding place and territory, Nesbitt and Levene and are interested in building and sharing new ways of looking more expansively and collectively at the places we live in.

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