The Expanded City

The Expanded City symposium in June 2016 was a day of presentations, conversations and site visits within the ‘City Deal’ areas of Preston.

The symposium was part of a programme of artworks and events which aim to raise questions and generate debate about the City Deal – a national scheme, which aims to deliver new jobs and housing, by addressing strategic transport, environmental, community and cultural infrastructure challenges – and the wider issues associated with contemporary approaches to urban planning.

Within Preston, the City Deal scheme is taking place in three zones on the periphery and in the centre of the city, and includes the development of over 5,000 new homes, as well as new roads and amenities. In Certain Places has been invited to inform these developments, and The Expanded City symposium was the first in a series of activities. Alongside presentations about urban demographics by economist Paul Swinney, and the production of community spaces by multidisciplinary design collective The Decorators, the day included presentations of work-in-progress by artists Olivia Keith, Gavin RenshawIan Nesbitt and Ruth Levene, and writer Lauren Velvick, who had undertaken action research in the City Deal areas.

The symposium took place in Woodplumpton and District Club, and included a bus tour of the City Deal areas.