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The Invaders Archive by Rebecca Chesney

The Invaders Archive by Rebecca Chesney.

As part of the Practising Place programme, In Certain Places  collaborated with The Double Negative – a UK-based online magazine featuring a selection of the latest in arts, design, film and music.

The magazine hosted a series of new, jointly commissioned texts by geographers, sociologists, cultural theorists, artists and experts from other fields, which explore the relationship between art practice and place.

These essays form a continuation of the Practising Place events – a series of public conversations between artists and researchers from other disciplines who share an interest in specific aspects of place. The first essay, On Being Out Of Place by Rosemary Shirley, explores the writer’s interest in the ideology of landscape, with reference to the work of artist Rebecca Chesney. The text forms part of an ongoing conversation between Shirley and Chesney, which began at a Practising Place event in Liverpool in October 2013 and can be viewed here.

Texts by Les Roberts, Emma Fraser and Steve Millington – examining issues of liminal space, urban obsolescence and spaces of vernacular creativity, and featuring the work of David Jacques, Victoria Lucas and William Titley – will be published over the next few months.

About The Double Negative

The Double Negative is a UK-based online magazine featuring a selection of the latest in arts, design, film and music. Readers come to us for our features, new artists, cultural life and critical analysis. We just aren’t like the others.

Our mission: to hold a mirror up to the UK arts scene — in particular the North-West — and reflect it, uncovering and analysing the talent based here. We have a particular investment in encouraging and developing the next generation of art critics; we believe it is incredibly important to offer a platform for fearless, well-researched and balanced criticism.