Precarious Landscape: Ruth Levene and Ian Nesbitt

Precarious Landscape, an Expanded City Network event 8 December 2017. Exploration, provocation and conversation:

Location tour – Ladyewell Shrine, HMS Inskip, Roseacre Wood and Cottam.

Post tour discussion chaired by Landscape Archaeologist, Bob Johnston

On a cold, bright morning in December 2017 artists Ruth Levene and Ian Nesbitt took a group of participants on a location tour of the western bounds of Preston, looking to broaden and deepen their own understanding of the city’s edges by seeking the experience of others.

Following a five-day walk around the boundary of Preston as part of their Expanded City project research, Ruth and Ian had become interested in “what we have come to call the precarious nature of this landscape. What strikes us is that the forces that hold the most sway over what happens to this landscape are those driven by factors such as agriculture, housing development, roadbuilding and hydraulic fracking, in short external market forces. We are interested through our work in finding ways to reintroduce some other ways of understanding that same landscape, different voices that may be called upon for alternative narratives – voices from the community, from history and from the landscape itself”

The event was part of The Expanded City, a series of artworks and events exploring areas that will be affected by the City Deal – a scheme that aims to deliver new jobs and housing in Preston.

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