The Site & Archive Interventions pathway of the MA in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire aims to produce creative practitioners whose work can respond to site or place across a range of media. It enables students to respond creatively to ‘place’ through a structured live project, which defines and sustains a high level of professional practice. This is supported by a ‘contextual report’, which undertakes an analytical, critical and creative approach to theoretical formats, whilst also exploring strategies for research publications to create potential employment opportunities, dissemination of practice and networks for debate.

Starting points for the projects can include mapping and cataloguing, historical documenting and wishing to approach the interaction with audience and place from an inventive and strategic standpoint. The programme also enables the developed artwork to be presented to identified audiences at the researched site, archive or in alternative contexts.

The pathway is designed for graduates in fine art, artists, arts practitioners or other potential applicants from art and design who consider they have established an area of relevant research. The course is also appropriate for people from other disciplines who wish to expand their understanding and experience of place, while developing visual responses. This could include community workers, historians, geographers, anthropologists and experts in the built or rural environment.

As well as In Certain Places, the pathway is also associated with the Making Histories Visible project, which is led by Professor Lubaina Himid MBE, and supported by Susan Walsh and Christine Eyene.

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