Wouter Osterholt

Berlin-based artist Wouter Osterholt develops site-specific projects in which he explores the public sphere as a domain in which different communities collide. By adopting a research approach similar to investigative journalism, he seeks to reveal and unravel conflicting interests that define local politics and the organization of the public. Through direct interaction with people, both bystanders and those immediately involved, the artist opens up delicate topics of debate. As a result his projects often take the shape of a public platform that activates individuals to articulate their personal relation to the political. It seeks to exceed the parameters of public dialogue and politics by entering the realm of imagination, unexpressed thoughts and dreams.

Wouter Osterholt was artists-in residence at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo (EG), the MAK Center in Los Angeles (US), Capacete in Rio de Janeiro (BR), IASKA in Perth (AUS) and at PIST in Istanbul (TR) and more. He exhibited works at: SKOR (NL), Frisian Museum (NL), the 13th Istanbul biennial (TR), the Townhouse Gallery (EG), Schunck, museum in Heerlen (NL), etc. He gave presentations at Mediamatic, Amsterdam (NL), Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin (DE), W139, Amsterdam, (NL), University of Central Lancashire, Preston (UK) and the Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR), Saint Petersburg (RU), etc.

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