LOW PROFILE’s work is centred on an examination of the role of community, individuals and the collective. We deal with the nuances of cooperation, coordination, shared effort and participation that reposition the individual to be part of something bigger, alongside (and with) others. The work facilitates the creation of shared, focused and intimate moments, collective action and individual and group experience. By using seemingly simple gestures and tackling weighty subjects with humour and a light touch, we invite our audience to get caught up in the work.
Our work is informed by, and often made in response to, specific contexts, situations and invitations; shifting in scale and medium as needed.

Image credits:

Image 1 never give up  
Never Give Up (2013- on-going), LOW PROFILE.
Site-responsive text work spelled out across the windows of public buildings in red cut vinyl, adapted to suit the size, scale and architecture of each space. Photo credit: Exeter Phoenix

Image 2 Garry Mullen 
Impromptu (2015), LOW PROFILE.
Layered sound and light installation, commissioned by The Edge Bath. Photo credit: Ed Smith.


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