Lisa Wigham

Lisa Wigham’s work is embedded with universal themes of love, motion and perceptions of beauty. These themes are communicated through deliberate considerations of the language, materials and technology used in its making, along with the context for viewing each work.

She makes poetic responses to place that seek to excavate and reveal a sense of lived experience. This work also plays with expectations of a site in the minds of people who occupy the place or pass through in transit.

Every project begins as a hand written note in her journal. She carries these books by her side daily, and, between their pages, seeks to fathom experiences and observations of life and the different environments she travels through. The amalgamation of her thoughts and information she collects is carefully edited down to a reduction of fragments.

These fragments are intended to hold within, and reveal, tactile traces of lived experience, whilst acting as suggestive sign posts to wider social concerns, hopes or desires.

There is a democratic intention for each work she makes – as it takes the form of public art and multiples of prints and artists books.

Image credits:
Shadows Pass/ Archives and Conversations for Blackpool Culture Shops, commissioned by Blackpool Arts Service, 2013, photo by Corrie Wingate.
Installation of Shadows Pass /Archives and Conversations for Blackpool Culture Shops- Central Drive, commissioned by Blackpool Arts Service, 2013, photo by Daniel Scullion.

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