Laurence Payot

Laurence Payot uses the public realm as a stage to make out-of-the-ordinary things happen. People are invited to embark on a journey to transform their everyday and bring their shared utopian visions to life. From inventing a new local folklore with the people of Dunstable, to infiltrating the digital realm with manifestations of a mysterious online tribe, her artworks take forms that connect people and challenge our perceptions of each other.

Payot was awarded the prestigious SkyArts Ignition: Futures Fund, a one-year bursary by the TV channel SkyArts, and was shortlisted for the Liverpool Art Prize 2013. Her projects Re-Presentation, I Thought It was Real, Coincidence, and Living Sculptures all received Arts Council England Awards for All.

Her work, which exists on the edge of fine art and performance, has been commissioned by renowned museums, galleries and live art festivals, including the Pompidou Centre-Metz (France), Tate Modern, Liverpool Biennial (UK) and the Belluard Bollwerk International (Switzerland).

Born in France, Laurence Payot is currently based at The Royal Standard studios in Liverpool, UK.

Image credits:
Dancing With Strangers, 2011, digital collages created for online exhibition Now.Here.This, USA.

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