Katja Van Driel

Van Driel’s work often deals with the challenge of inhabiting and moving into landscapes shaped by logistics, legal regulations and capital flows. It is through landscapes that these abstract, globalized circuits turn into a physical reality, become perceptible and thus accessible. Her interest goes towards the space created in-between abstraction and materiality, towards strategies of survival and subversion, the subjective viewpoint and its possibilities (or even imperatives).

With a background in journalism, she uses writing and documentary material in her work and research. She collects and reassembles found material with the aim to challenge and de-stabilize viewpoints that are widely accepted as ‘normal’ or ‘standard’. These materials can be collected in archives or contain documentation from her own research such as photographs or interviews.

The images above are from two different works in an ongoing research project about the border landscape between the Netherlands and Germany. Actually it is a border that in the physical sense has disappeared for the major part, but continues to influence the landscape and the movements of people. The research started from a curiosity about the implications of this invisibility: What does it mean that the border is still there but not in a tangible way?


Image credits:
The Smugglers Coloring Book, 2013-14, 16 drawings, texts.
‘…to be treated as Dutch’, 2012, photos/installation, group exhibition The Wanderer, Marres Mastricht, commissioned by TAAK.

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